Masaaki Kishibe Hana Series

Masaaki Kishibe [ HANA ] Series, special designed by the world class luthier of ” WaterRoad” guitars, Akio Masuda. The guitar used the signature head stock, body and the full bracing specification of “WaterRoad” guitars, with the impactful Naga logo, created an attractive and fascinating outlooks. When the sample guitars was created, immediately was sent to Taiwan, Japan Tokyo and Osaka, to be tested and checked by Huang Chia-Wei, Akio Masuda and Masaaki Kishibe. After the quality was assured, s of them travel to the guitar factory in Zhang Zhou China, to check each of the guitars that manufactured by the factory, and put a signature of themself on the guitar inlet, as a respect to the Naga Guitars, and also a quality assurance for the consumers of Naga Guitars.

The current models are Spruce/Mahogany, and Spruce/Rosewood